Ignite Your Fire with the Ace of Wands

The Spring Equinox and Aries Season

Meredyth Masterson
9 min readMar 21


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Happy New Year!?!

You heard it right. Though we collectively celebrate New Year’s on January 1st, today March 20th is the Spring Equinox and it marks a new year on the Wheel of the Year.

On Tuesday, March 21st, we will also welcome the New Moon and Aries season.

The Zodiac calendar follows the Wheel of the Year, so when we move from Pisces and The Moon into Aries and The Emperor, we go from Line Three of the Major Arcana back to Line One.

This is a major shift, and based on the readings I’ve been giving lately, a very welcome one too.

Pisces is a water sign and its corresponding card, The Moon, can make us feel dreamy and uncertain. It can be fun to play in the deep waters of fantasy and imagination, but it can also bring up fear and uncertainty for the unknown.

Conversely, Aries is a Fire sign and its corresponding card, The Emperor, is all about stability and power. The Emperor holds big visions for the future. He has the energy and the passion to establish whatever structures and foundations are needed to execute his vision.

If you’ve been longing for more energy and motivation, good news. Today we say goodbye winter and hello to spring.

In my experience of time, the Spring Equinox is really the starting gun that signals a new annual cycle has begun.

To help us ignite our creativity and passion for this new cycle, today I’m calling upon the Ace of Wands.

Wild Unknown Deck

When we pull an Ace, we’re being invited to go on a journey with that suit’s element.

In the Cups, ruled by Water, we’re asked to learn what it means and what it requires to come from a heart-centered source of overflow.

In the Swords, ruled by Air, we’re asked to work with our minds so that we may ultimately use them to discern truth from fear.

In the Earth elemented Pentacles, we explore how our bodies and the material world intersect with our…



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