Moon Manifestation 101

Meredyth Masterson
9 min readJul 13, 2022

Tomorrow morning at 11:38am PT July’s full ‘Buck Moon” will be at its peak fullness, so we can expect to enjoy the energy of this Full Moon beginning tonight.

I normally like to offer Full and New Moon rituals that are aligned with the season and the Tarot, but for tonight’s Full Moon, I want to present more generally what Moon Manifesting is, what it’s given me, and how you can work with the Moon’s energies and create your own rituals.

As a Tarot reader, I naturally look to the cards and their associated Zodiac symbols when I am creating my rituals, but there are lots of additional ways that you can harness the Moon’s power.

The Moon is already effecting all of us, from our ocean’s tides, our sleep, and our bodies which are 60% water. When we align our intention setting with the energy of the Moon, our manifestation efforts gain potency and structure.

Credit: Pinkvilla

Astrology vs. Tarot and The Moon

“The locations of Burger Kings and MacDonald’s, in relation to the hospital you were born in, has more to do with your love life than your Zodiac sign.”

— Anonymous

I heard that quote from someone a long time ago. I think it’s a little funny and a little true.

I think that it surprises folks to learn that I’m not very knowledgeable about astrology. No wonder, given that I write about the cards and the Zodiac all the time!

If you are someone who feels that astrology is a supportive and useful tool, that’s great!

For me, it has always felt both prescriptive and vague. Any warnings that a certain date might be bad for business and another date might be good for love, left me feeling like I had missed something important or worse, dreading some potential mishap.

Recently someone asked me to explain what a Mercury retrograde was, and I replied that I choose not to honor or observe them. I deliberately choose to focus my thoughts on what is peaceful and what brings me joy, and from what I understand, marking the calendar for a retrograde is a way to anticipate hardship.

How then to reconcile the astrology and numerology that are part of the Tarot’s DNA?

Meredyth Masterson

I write about tarot, life, and I offer Moon manifestation rituals from a joy-informed perspective