Sagittarius and the Nine of Wands

Finishing 2023 with Strength and Vision

Meredyth Masterson


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On Tuesday the 12th we’ll begin the final lunar cycle of 2023 with a New Moon in Sagittarius. To help us finish strong, I’m calling on the Nine of Wands for insight and perseverance.

The New Moon is normally a time for setting new intentions, but since this year is nearing its end, I‘m offering a ritual to help get us across the finish line.

The Nine of Wands is a card we can anchor to when we’ve got more commitments than time, but it all needs to get done.

By combining Sagittarius’ enthusiasm for exploration with the Nine of Wands’ strength and fortitude, I hope today’s post will support you as you tend to your inner fire and illuminate a gentler path ahead.

And as a fun bonus, you can listen to my Nine of Wands playlist here.

The Nine of Wands

RiderWaite Deck

In the Rider-Waite deck the Nine of Wands shows an embattled man holding one large wand, while eight more wands stand behind him. His head is bandaged and his skin looks jaundiced.

He’s collected these nine wands despite hardship, and he’s prepared to stand guard. His internal fortitude is reflected in the fence or fort behind him.

Wands are ruled by fire. They represent our passions. Whatever it is we’re exploring in the Wands, we care.

The Wands ask: “What is required to build the great pyres of our dreams, without consuming all of our resources? How can we fuel great passion, without burning out?”

The overarching lesson of the Wands is meant to teach us how to sustain our passions.

Nines are the penultimate cards in each suit. When we get to the Tens, it’s more of a graduation. The energy is almost overripe. I like to think of the Nines as the trophy room of that suit.

When we find ourselves in the energy of the Nine of Wands, we’ve reached a tipping point.

Whatever it is that we’re invested in, we’ve made meaningful progress, and if we are wise, we…



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