Screw “Shadow” Work. Only Do Joy.

How the Justice card and the Seven of Pentacles can help us choose joy

Meredyth Masterson


“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” -Mahatma Gandhi

The Zodiac sign Libra is represented by scales, which strive for balance and harmony. This sign is initiated by the Autumn Equinox, which is the halfway mark on the wheel of the year. Both Libra and Autumn are aligned with Air, which is symbolized in the Tarot by swords.

Libra’s corresponding Tarot card is Justice.

Smith Rider Waite

In this card, we see the Greek Titaness Themis, also known as Justitia in Latin. She sits on a stone throne, draped in androgynous robes. In one hand she holds the scales, which are in balance. In the other, she holds a sword. The sword is pointed straight up, signifying truth. Note that her grip isn’t tight, it is an easy balance.

It’s really important to acknowledge that the purpose of the sword is not to punish. When I first came to this card I think I imagined an all-knowing judge who would cut down injustice. There is an invitation to judgment and fear in that reading, which is the calling card of the ego. Our ego likes to believe there is an absolute right and wrong and it absolutely believes in punishment. But that’s not how the divine works.

The ego has four rubber stamps at its disposal — good or bad and right or wrong. That is it. The ego wants to keep us safe, but it’s not very good at discerning what is actually in our highest and best.

If you’ve had a reading with me, you’ve likely heard me share this example. When we get an A in school, the ego says that is ‘good’, but of course, one A is never enough. The ego demands straight As for all time. And if we experience the humiliation of a fart in grade school, the ego determines that is ‘bad’ and demands flatulence control for all time.

I use this example because it is both true for me and points out the ridiculous consequences of faith in the ego. I didn’t eat beans until I was in college!

The ego loves to tell us that it knows what is “wrong” with us and that if we can just identify the fault, we can somehow fix the problem. The consequence is that we become problem-seekers and…



Meredyth Masterson

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