Meredyth Masterson
7 min readNov 22, 2022


Equanimity & the Temperance Card

Photo by Vadym Lebedych on Unsplash

“With equanimity, you can deal with situations with calm and reason while keeping your inner happiness”

— Dalai Lama

On November 22nd we move from Scorpio and the Death card into Sagittarius season, whose card is Temperance.

In the Death card and Scorpio season we were called to let go of old energies to make way for spiritual growth. Sagittarius season and the Temperance card call on us to expand and receive.

Today I’m offering a ritual designed to help you receive from a state of equanimity with the Temperance card and the Ace of Cups. Use it for November’s New Moon on the 23rd, Thanksgiving, the busy holiday season, or any time. A practice of equanimity is evergreen.

I think the most common association people have with the word Temperance is with the prohibition movement, but this card has nothing to do with alcohol. The word ‘temperance’ comes from the Latin ‘temperare’ which means ‘to mix’ or ‘to combine in due proportion’.

Just as a blacksmith might combine two types of metal to create a sword that is both strong and flexible, the angle in this card is combining water from two cups to create peace and equanimity.

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