Upside Down Peace

How The Hanged Man Can Help Us Gain Perspective and Release Fear and the Illusion of Control

Meredyth Masterson


Photo by Tori Wise on Unsplash

Welcome to November! Though we are still in the heart of autumn, each year when we set our clocks backwards I can’t help but feel as if it’s suddenly winter.

That said, we’ve got our major mid-term elections today to remind us it is still fall. I’m sure you’ve heard this already, but be sure and vote!

Better yet, see how many people you can help get to vote. In each of the last four elections, I’ve helped at least two citizens that wouldn’t have otherwise made it to the polls cast a ballot. Please beat my score!

I had hoped to send out today’s missive first thing on Monday morning, but thanks to everyone I got to work with around Halloween, I’ve been playing catch-up and I’m only able to publish to you now.

My sense of urgency was tied to the Full Moon and total lunar eclipse that took place early This morning. And yet, in a way, the delayed timing is very much in alignment with today’s card, The Hanged Man.

When we work with the Full Moon, we enjoy its energy for 24 hours before and after its peak, but when we are in eclipse energy, we don’t seek it out or “work” with it. It happens for us and upon us effortlessly.

The energy of an eclipse and The Hanged Man are parallel. They both allow us to process whatever it is we’ve been internally gripping onto, under the surface of our immediate concerns, so that we may clear it away and make space for an external evolution.

I think this is especially helpful on this election day. Though the polls will close today, voting has been taking place for weeks. Similarly, this morning’s lunar eclipse was actually the close of 2022’s final eclipse season, which began with a solar eclipse on October 25th.

We will not know the results of this election for some time, which typifies the feeling of Hanged Man. If you’re reading this, I can only assume that like me, you’re concerned with how the American democratic experiment will fare.



Meredyth Masterson

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